Exchange Server Deployment Assistant

If you’re new to Exchange, or want to get a better insight into Exchange server you can find a wealth of knowledge on Microsofts TechNet and a wide variety of specialist blogs. However, this may be a bit overwealming and requires you to find out what to do in whatever way suits you and your environment. Microsoft has a tool that allows you to visualise your migration path and get a better understanding of what to do and how/when to do it. This tool is called the ‘Exchange Server Deployment Assistant‘ and it will allow you to:

  • Get a distinct procedural overview of how to reach your goals
  • Plan an Exhange hybrid implementation
  • Create an Exchange Online migration path
  • Plan new deployments
  • Determine on-premises migration paths
  • etc.

You can use the tool by navigating to:

Upon launch it will show the following options:

Exchange Server Deployment Assistant
Exchange Server Deployment Assistant

The first part of the wizard consists of answering a number of questions regarding your goal and the current environment:

ESDA - Questionnaire
ESDA – Questionnaire

After which, you’re presented with a clear, straight-forward guidance on all relevant information and procedures, in the order that will actually help you achieving your ultimate goal:

ESDA - Procedural instructions
ESDA – Procedural instructions

Be aware that this tool provides a viable procedural overview for most environments. If your environment has a very specific configuration, or is running in a less than ideal support state, you may want to be extra critical in the proposed procedures.

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