Office365 Subscriptions, Switches and Trial upgrades

Hi guys,

Finally kicking this blog into action, starting today. A few stub articles have to be finalized, but nice things are coming up, stay tuned!

In the meanwhile I wanted to share an answer to the question: ‘We know why we want Office 365, but what do I need to purchase?’. Microsoft has a matrix that shows an in-depth description of the subscription tiers and their business criteria. For the matrix, please see:

In addition, you may instruct an organization to change their plan to better suit their functional needs. This can be achieved by using the Office365 Plan Switching Wizard from the Office365 admin portal. This process is thoroughly described in:

Be aware that obvious limitations exist. Not all switches may be available to all regions and the articles may be changed without notice. Be sure to verify the possibilities for your subscrition as described in before attempting to make a switch:

Last but not least, you will notice that switching from a trial plan is not supported. Instead, you have to turn your trial into a paid subscription by following Microsofts’ ‘Buy your trial’-process. This is the only supported way to turn your trial into a paid subscription.

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